Written and directed by a technology entrepreneur Rain Rannu, “Chasing Unicorns” is a fun and semi-satirical narrative feature about a female founder trying to make it a male-dominated tech world, from Europe to Silicon Valley.


Based on real-life stories of European startups, “Chasing Unicorns” follows Õie, a young book-keeper from a small town, who by accident stumbles into a tech scene of her home-country Estonia. He is joined by a serial failure Tõnu, who has gone bankrupt with each one of his companies, but is nevertheless always trying again. Inspired by all the Musks, Bezoses and Zuckerbergs, they embark on a journey to take on Silicon Valley. 



"Chasing Unicorns" is a available for physical and online screenings at startups, big companies, co-working spaces, tech hubs, conferences and educational institutions, ranging from small closed events to public screenings anywhere in the world.

with optional live online Q&A with director or producer.

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